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Eco Starter Kit - Tea Series

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Brew a gourmet cup of tea at home with Modern Sprout’s Tea Series Eco Starter Kit! This self-watering seed kit features curated herbs that are perfect for brewing herbal teas or using to add a hint of herbal flavor to your normal tea bag: Bee Balm, Mint, and Lemon Basil. Start by sprouting the seeds in the reusable glass canning jars and then transplant the seedlings into a garden or patio container.

Think you’ve got a black thumb? Not with Modern Sprout! The seeds grow in a transplantable coco husk pot that sits over the water. A long wick self-waters the seeds with the perfect amount so you never have to worry you’ll over- or under-water. Bring home this Eco Starter Kit and enjoy fresh herbs all summer and then dry them for soothing and healing brewed teas the rest of the year!  

Set includes:

  • Certified Organic Mint Seeds – can be used fresh or dried. Use fresh in recipes, cocktails, and for summer mint tea. Dry the leaves and use to brew tea and in recipes
  • Non-GMO Bee Balm Seeds – can be used fresh or dried. Bee balm is antimicrobial and medicinal. It’s great to use for a digestive herbal tea, and is helpful with coughs and colds
  • Certified Organic Lemon Basil Seeds – can be used fresh or dried. Add it to all your favorite summer recipes and use it to make lemon basil syrup for iced tea and lemonade. Use it fresh or dried for a delicious tea
  • Weck™ Glass Canning Jars (3)
  • Biodegradable Coco Pots (3)
  • Recycled Glass Growing Medium
  • Coconut Husk Growing Medium
  • Wicks
  • Plant Food
  • Instruction Manual
  • Clear Gift Box

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