Geography Pillows

Once upon a time C(armel) A(nd) T(errell) — the ‘cat’ of catstudio – fell in love and discovered that they shared anthropological backgrounds and a thirst for travel. They also had a joy & deep appreciation for art, design and craftsmanship. Thus, they decided to put their interests together and design a timeless ode to geography & craftsmanship — the catstudio Geography Pillow.

To begin to realize a collection, they had to climb 5 big steps:

  1. Research — using maps, the internet, and conversations with many locals, they logged in 1,000’s of hours.
  2. Design — drawing and drawing, 1,000’s more hours. Hopefully you’ll notice their obsessive attention to details! They believed every aspect was important. They sent drafts to savvy locals — the toughest critics, to help invoke an “insider” feeling of each place. Then re-draw & re-draw!
  3. Color — more research hours spent to get the balance of colors pitch perfect….not an easy task! In some cases up to 30 colors adorn each pillow!
  4. Artisanship — to get   samples made, Terrell & Carmel went off in search of those craftsmen they so admired. Through serendipity, a trip to Hong Kong and Bali, they came upon a textile queen who introduced them to one of the world’s treasures: Indian hand embroiderers. (They presently employ over 1,000 artisans.)
  5. Production — they and the textile queen knew this was going to be a challenging project: the extensive training time, the use of up to 30 thread colors per design, the realization that it took a week to embroider one pillow, and then, getting each word & icon correct!

Finally, in the year 2000, after all these hours (did we say 1,000’s? Ha!) of joyful work — trumpets sound — the unique inimitable catstudio hand embroidered pillow collection became a reality!!! Each pillow is unique in that every artisan’s work has its own “signature” and is one of a kind - like a snowflake.

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